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Living Room Gets Overhauled by Rollingwood Grout Cleaning Specialists

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September 05, 2023

A Rollingwood, TX, resident approached us for assistance in restoring his ceramic floor. For a while, he'd been noticing the condition of the surface didn't improve with regular cleaning. The owner needed to fix this, so he looked up several DIY cleaning techniques on the internet. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. After a series of failed cleaning attempts, he pondered his choices and decided to seek professional help.

Before and After Our Living Room Grout Cleaning in Rollingwood, TX
Coincidentally, he came across Sir Grout Austin during his research. One of his friends was a devoted client. When he told her about his problem, she recommended our services right away, claiming that we were the best in town. She recommended that he go to our website to learn more about us. He was certain we could help after looking through our picture gallery and reading the excellent feedback we receive each time. He requested a free in-home consultation by filling out the "Request a Quote" form. Our Rollingwood Grout Cleaning professionals provided the service the owner needed, and the floor now looks fantastic.

We went to our client's residence to evaluate the surface at his request. We quickly saw that the ceramic tiles on the floor had become dull and unattractive. Dirt had accumulated in the grout lines as well. As a result, the entire area looked grim. We also discovered that the grout lines were not sealed. We explained to the owner that regular grout is porous and can absorb water, dirt, and other contaminants. This can result in more serious issues, such as structural damage. To avoid future problems, the surface must be kept sealed. After completing the evaluation, we came to the conclusion that regular cleaning would not result in a successful repair. Sir Grout's skilled methodology and hard surface knowledge were required for this project. To improve the appearance of the floor and restore its charm, we offered a grout cleaning service. The owner was pleased with our evaluation, accepted the offer, and set up a date for the job.

Before and After a Living Room Grout Cleaning in Rollingwood, TX
We came back a day later to start cleaning the grout. We used our proprietary solution and a high-speed scrubber to clean the surface as the initial step in our full restoration process. Our top-of-the-line cleaner is manufactured with high-quality components and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. We meticulously cleaned the entire space and eliminated all of the filth. We began the grout repairs once the floor had been thoroughly cleaned. We used professional diamond saws to repair all of the damages. After we finished correcting the grout lines, we proceeded to seal the area.

We sprayed a coat of ColorSeal, our signature sealant, to provide excellent results and long-term protection. Our premium product is tough, long-lasting, and improves surfaces by a factor of ten. It protects against dirt, filth, and other external irritants, decreasing wear and tear from everyday use. It also gives UV protection for areas that are exposed to the sun. ColorSeal transforms the grout into a refreshing new look. It is available in a variety of colors, and the owner chose Antique Ivory for this particular occasion. The floor had been totally refinished and the surface looked wonderful after completing all of the steps.

Our client was ecstatic with the results of our labor. He was fascinated with the brand-new appearance of the floor. The owner couldn't believe how quickly and efficiently this high-level restoration had been completed. He informed us that he would suggest Sir Grout Austin to his friends and family.

Constant foot activity might cause the floor to deteriorate quickly. It's important to follow basic maintenance methods to keep in good shape places that get a lot of use. As a result, we constantly take the time to teach our customers how to properly care for their surfaces. We recommend establishing a weekly cleaning program to prevent dirt accumulation. Use only pH-neutral products, such as Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner, to complete this task. Because our product is soap-free, it leaves no residue. It's also non-toxic and safe for everyone at home. Soap-based cleaners and acidic substances should be avoided. These products contain substances that can harm the tiles and grout severely.

When applying the cleaning solution, make sure you use a clean mop. Allow the floor to dry completely before reentering the room. Keep pets and minors away from the damp surface. Steel wools and other abrasive equipment should not be used since they can scratch the tiles. Using a doormat near outside doors can assist to lessen the amount of wear and tear on the floor. Shake the mat frequently to remove accumulated dirt.

With Sir Grout Austin's help, restoring your old floor can be simple and quick. Our certified specialists are well-versed in how to assist you. Our experts can restore any surface to its former glory with our exceptional grout cleaning methods. We have years of experience and we've been proven to be the top company in the hard surface restoration industry. Call us at (512) 580-3003 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this page to schedule a free consultation today. If you want to keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.

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